Things to Know Before Moving to Aliso Viejo, CA

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Aliso Viejo is one of the greatest and safest areas to live in all of California. The city is a large, master-planned region with space for about 20,000 households and more than 50,000 residents.

Life in Aliso Viejo can be summed up by the city’s motto: “Live, Work, Learn, Shop, and Play.” Those who value a pleasant metropolitan environment without long commute times will love this gorgeous city in California. Aliso Viejo, CA now has a well-balanced residential populace and job opportunities within its limits.

You could be thinking about moving to Aliso Viejo, CA, or you might be curious about how livable the city is. In this regard, we have prepared a list of some of the things you need to know and other exciting facts before relocating to Aliso Viejo, CA.

What Are the Biggest Things People Should Know Before Moving to Aliso Viejo?

What Are the Biggest Things People Should Know Before Moving to Aliso Viejo?

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Aliso Viejo is known as a community that is home to many talented artists. The city has a far higher concentration of creative professionals than the rest of the United States. Aliso Viejo’s identity has been partly shaped by its heavy proportion of artists.

Aliso Viejo is primarily an English-speaking community. Spanish and Persian are two more prominent languages in this region.

Children raised in a multilingual setting can better understand and appreciate the cultural backgrounds of those different from themselves. Commerce also benefits significantly from a populace that can communicate effectively in multiple languages.

Cities that try to preserve their linguistic diversity gain various benefits, including increased exportation success and a more innovative workforce.

Over ninety-one percent (91.65%) of the workforce in Aliso Viejo works in professional, executive, managerial, scientific, technical, creative, or academic occupations, making it a city with a robust white-collar presence.

Managers, professionals, and those who work in sales and administration make up the bulk of Aliso Viejo’s workforce. Roughly 19.58% of the people in Aliso Viejo tend to work in management roles, about 12.58% in office and administrative support services, and approximately 11.92% in sales roles.

One of the more interesting economic aspects of Aliso Viejo is that a sizable percentage, equivalent to approximately 13.75% of the workforce, is working from the comfort of their own homes. This may seem like a small amount, but when compared to the rest of the county, it represents quite a large percentage of the working population.

Professionals in the knowledge-based, white-collar sectors make up a large portion of the workforce that operates remotely. Some of Aliso Viejo’s leading enterprises are United Parcel Service, Pacific Life, the Capistrano Unified School District, and Fluor Corporation.

Aliso Viejo’s population represents a broad cross-section of the world’s cultures. Most people who call Aliso Viejo home identify with multiple racial and ethnic groupings. White individuals comprise the most significant percentage of Aliso Viejo’s population, while Asians make up the second highest proportion.

Additionally, Aliso Viejo is home to many people of Hispanic heritage. Approximately 18.79% of the city’s population consists of citizens with Hispanic or Latino ancestry. People who live in Aliso Viejo also often have German, Irish, English, Italian, or Iranian lineage. Other common origins in the city include French and Spanish.

About 22.94% of Aliso Viejo’s residents are of foreign birth, adding significantly to the city’s unique cultural identity.

Tourists frequently visit Aliso Viejo because of its pleasant climate. Aliso Viejo has brief yet lovely, sunny, and bright summers. Over a year, the temperature averages between 48°F to 80°F and rarely rises above 88°F. This is why moving to Aliso Viejo, CA is such a great idea, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping, hiking, and other outdoor recreation.

Aliso Viejo is well-known for being the site of a stunning championship golf course developed by the renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus. Aliso Viejo Country Club features 18 holes and is built to championship standards.

Several notable people, including professional poker player Farzad Bonyadi, NHL hockey player Royce Lewis, Olympic gold medalists McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross, champion figure skater Ashley Wagner, and actress Alicia Leigh Willis, are just some of those who have lived in Aliso Viejo in the past.

Where in Aliso Viejo do we recommend that you settle down? Aliso Viejo is widely regarded as having one of the lowest crime rates of any city in the entirety of the state of California. It is also home to an abundance of excellent residential areas. The following list includes some of the most desirable neighborhoods if you have plans of moving to Aliso Viejo, CA:

If you are interested in exploring more communities in Aliso Viejo, you may utilize the Interactive Map below for easier city navigation.

What's the Best Part About Living in Aliso Viejo?

Young professionals who frequently become exhausted from work express a profound appreciation for the breathtaking natural scenery surrounding the city of Aliso Viejo, California, and the peaceful atmosphere permeating the region.

Residents also enjoy the city’s proximity to beaches, where they can cool down on hot summer days without traveling far, unlike in the Midwest, where there is no refreshing airflow from the shore.

Aliso Viejo is a true live-work community that features a wide variety of housing options, brand-new streets and office complexes, fantastic retail, dining, and entertainment facilities, as well as convenient hotel services. Because of this, Forbes magazine has recognized Aliso Viejo as one of the best places to live in the United States Top 25 Towns.

Things to Know Before Moving to Aliso Viejo, CA

Wrap Up

Moving into a new place can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Familiarity with the area’s ins and outs is highly recommended for a trouble-free transition. Aliso Viejo, CA has a lot to offer that will surely win your hearts!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Pacific Ridge and Laguna Audubon are two major neighborhoods in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Aliso Viejo is currently home to approximately 52,000 citizens, making the city the 182nd most populated among 1,571 cities.

The city of Aliso Viejo is home to several stellar schools that can give your child the best quality education. Aliso Viejo boasts some of the country’s finest public schools. The city’s top public schools include Canyon Vista Elementary School, Don Juan Avila Middle School, and Aliso Niguel High School.

Here is the monthly average weather in Aliso Viejo, CA.


The cost of living in Aliso Viejo is 52.2% more than the average for the United States.

Living in Aliso Viejo, CA is frequently associated with enjoying a relaxed way of life while having access to numerous urban conveniences. The city is well-known for its quiet and lovely neighborhoods, perfect for young families and couples just starting in their lives.

Canyon View Estates, California Summit, Oak View, Pacific Grove, and Promenade are a few of the neighborhoods considered to be the best in Aliso Viejo, CA.